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Friday, 21 October 2011

How to be rich in Malaysia??? Eveybody here in this world want to be rich and have a lot of cash in their account bank. However, how many of us are make it and manage to be rich within several years? Not all of us are lucky enough that we manage to buy expensive cars and luxury house and some of us only afford to buy a low cost house such as flat. In Malaysia, it is hard for us to be rich because not some like other developing countries such as United States of America, London, United Kingdom and even at the middle-east countries, we will get support from a lot of people if we want to do something in those countries. However, here in our country, it is hard to get support from others even from our good friends and all they want to give us is nothing but to condemn us. 

Even though in Forbes on 3rd March, at Kuala Lumpur, said that Malaysia’s rich get richer and some of the name that are mentioned by Forbes are Tan Sri Robert Kuok and Ananda Krishnan remained as the top Malaysia’s rich list according to Forbes magazine, but it seems to me that all of these rich people are doing nothing in helping others. Yet, they even try to increase their wealth by competing among each others. So, in order to be a rich guy in our country, most of us doing such as below:

1)      Start your own business.

2)      Invest in stock markets.

3)      Trade in Forex.

4)      Buy lottery.

5)      Do some investment.

6)      Rob bank.

7)      Be a politician.

It is easy for us to be rich by winning the lottery but you really to be lucky enough in that case. Rob bank??? Hahaha, yes!! You can even rob bank and all you have to do is make a team of 4 or 5 people because it is better to work as a team. Team work guys!! And maybe with a good planning skill and you ready to hit your target bank. 

That is the illegal part of rich, but if you want a legal tactics maybe you can try to do some right investments through assets, trading and buying gold and you can even start your own business. Unfortunately here, in our country in order for you to go any further or take another step forward, you need something called ‘cable’. The ‘cable’ means that you need to have strong connections with people around you especially from the upper class and this will be easy for you to achieve your target. 

So, how about people that do not have any ‘cable’ to help them??? Can they also be rich??? Well, do you realize that people like Bill Gates the founder of the Microsoft and Steve Jobs, the Apple owner, they do not use or even have anyone to help them, but they still make it through to the success. 

“Think big!!” and that is what been said by Donald Triumph as a one of the richest man in the world. Try to think big in everything you are doing. So, if you want to have cash, think of big amount of cash that follow up by your action. Do not just sit there and think BIG!! Nothing is going to happen to you.

Try to think big and second, always asking “what if..” as what been told by Bill Gates. He always asking what if like this and what if like that, from here he manage to come out with a software that all of us use in our computer called Microsoft. 

Unlike Donald and Bill, different story goes to Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple. This guy here likes to think different and unique from others. He said that “ why is everybody just see a box of apple is just a box, we should see it as a joy that everybody will have after eating all the apples”. With this kind of thought, he manages to come out with i-Phone where a device that is box in shape that can bring joys to the users.

So, these people somehow manage to be rich after they put all of their efforts to what they are doing and it is worth it and repay. They give everything they got in order to success in every what they are doing.
However, there is more precious kind of rich that we need to have in ourselves and that is rich in soul and love. Be rich in these two matters and you will never regret till the end of your life.
-Till we meet again-