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Friday, 30 December 2011

How To Deal With Your Card Credit Debt?

Credit card debt is the most common consumer debt most people will
have trouble with. Since it is so dangerous to carry around a few
thousand ringgits when you do your shopping, credit card is the
perfect solution in terms of convenience and safety.

In other words, you are also bringing with you a
huge amount of money to spend.
If your credit limit is RM10,000 per card
and you have three credit cards,
it is like having RM30,000 spare money in your wallet
to let you spend instantly.

That's the reason why most people has trouble controlling their
spending habits. If you are one of the victims of this modern
financial creation, see if the below tricks are useful to you.

Earn More Money

It is not a bad thing to fall into debt. Look at the positive side,
it actually urges you and motivates you to earn more. Your current
income is simply not enough to cover your desired lifestyle or

Why I say "needs"? Some people own money not because they like to
spend a lot. For example, expensive medical fees demanded by
hospital when your old parent is hospitalized may be the cause of
maxing out your credit limit.

The most practical and encouraged solution: EARN MORE MONEY.
Take up a part time job.
Start a business!
Increase your productivity!

Just make more money. Period.

Turn Credit Card Debts into Term Loans

Call the banks to seek for alternative. Instead of keep paying the
not-so-affordable minimum payment, you can ask to turn the debt
into term loans with lower interest charges.

Shred the plastic

To avoid using the card and keep on spending more, cut the credit
cards. When it is out of sight, it is out of mind.

Use Debit Cards

I know credit card gives you convenience and safety, especially at
petrol station. You can always replace it with debit cards.

Overdraft (OD)

If you have a property, such as your house, you can apply Overdraft
facility to settle your credit card debt. OD interest is lower.
Moreover, you can always pay it off earlier ,unlike term loan or
car loan.


Be honest. Talk to your relatives and close friends. They will lend
you the money if it is not substantial. You can spread the amount
to several friends and relatives. Instead of paying 18% credit card
debt interest, you can pay them slightly higher interest compared
to Fixed Deposit rate.

Cut Expenses

This is the obvious thing to do.

Pay more than the minimum payment required

This sounds simple. But most people won't realize that they had
increased the credit card debt until the day they can't even afford
the minimum payment.

Balance Transfer Program

You can apply new cards that offer you low interest or
interest-free period when you transfer balance. Instead of paying
many small debts, consolidate them and only focus to settle one

Insurance policy loan

If you have paid insurance premium for a few years, you can take
out policy loan to settle your high-interest-debts.

Seek help from AKPK

AKPK is a debt counseling agency by the federal government to assist
you. They may be able to help you negotiate with the banks and
solve your problem earlier. Don't be shy to call them.

Do you realize that when you don't need money,
banks keep calling you to lend you more?
But when you desperately need the money,
they are somehow reluctant to hand you the cash.
This is the reality.

Do you need a Financial Planner?

If you do your own investing, have you ever wondered whether you should turn things over to a professional advisor? This article attempts to shed some light on this topic and to provide you with some things to think about so that the best decision can be made.

According to Charles Hughes, a certified financial planner in Bayshore, New York, the event typically involves either the receipt of or access to a large sum of money that the individual didn't have before.

"When you reach a point in which you're constantly afraid that you're going to make a mistake with your investments, then you need professional advice," according to Raymond Mignone, a certified financial planner in Little Neck, New York.

Often, someone who has never spent or managed more than a few thousand dollars is looking at managing a six-figure or group of accounts.

If this happens to someone just about to retire, the decisions that need to made are more critical, as the retiree will want to make this money last. As such, people often seek professional advice just before they retire, because they feel that they need professional advice to make such long-term decisions. (For more insight, see our Retirement Planning Tutorial and A Pre-Retirement Checkup.)

When it comes to portfolio management, it is important to determine your plan of attack. Take the 401(k) plan, for example. When you're contributing to the plan, you may feel like it's not your money. You can't do with it what you want because you'll be penalized. But when retirement is coming and you can access that money, the question often arises about what you are going to do with it. For many, this can be when they decide whether they can manage their own affairs or whether they should seek professional advice.

Judging Yourself
The need for critical self evaluation is vital when determining whether or not to hire a financial planner. Advisors say the decision depends on the investor.

The following questions should help you sort out if you need an advisor:
  • Do you have a fair knowledge of investments?
  • Do you enjoy reading about investments and doing research?
  • If you have expertise in investments? Do you have the time to monitor and evaluate them and make periodic changes to your portfolio?
If you answered "yes" to the above questions, you may not need an advisor or financial planner.

Not So Fast
However, Loren Dunton, one of the founders of the financial planning movement, says that many people who believe that they don't need a financial planner could benefit from one anyway.

"Most people need a planner. The ones who don't need one are usually smart enough to use one," wrote Dunton in "Financial Planning Can Make You Rich" (1987).

So let's assume someone decides that, for any of the reasons stated above, he or she does need an advisor. There's another difficult task: Finding the right advisor.

Finding the Right Financial Professional
How do you go about finding the right advisor? You should begin by asking for referrals from colleagues, friends or family members who seem to be managing their finances successfully. Another avenue is professional recommendations. A Certified Public Accountant or a lawyer might make a referral. Professional associations can sometimes provide help. These include the Financial Planning Associating (FPA) and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

The client must also decide how the advisor will be paid. Some advisors charge a straight commission every time a transaction is recorded. Other advisors will charge a fee based on the amount of money they have been given to manage. Some fee advisors assess an hourly fee. As such, fee advisors can be very expensive, which could put them beyond the reach of many middle-class clients. (For more insight, read Paying Your Investment Advisor - Fees Or Commissions?)

Fee advisors claim that their advice is superior because it has no conflict of interest. In other words, using an advisor paid through commissions, which is a payment received by an advisor or a broker whenever a transaction is recorded, can compromise an advisor's integrity. As such, those who advocate fee advisors suggest that commission advisors may have an incentive to record too many transactions. However, commission advisors argue that their services are certainly less expensive than paying fees that can run as high as $100/hour or more.

The Wrong Advisor
If your advisor only records some transactions from time to time but never sits down and discusses long-term goals with you, you may want to look for a new advisor. Similarly, if you advisor never writes an investment plan to lay out your goals and assess whether they are being reached, you may be better served elsewhere.

A written plan for each client is critical. In addition, good advisors have semiannual conferences with clients and talk to their clients on a regular basis. In addition, a good advisor who is just beginning to work with a client should never recommend a product until he has learned a lot about his or her circumstances and goals. (For more insight, read Find The Right Financial Advisor.)

Finally, the individual should ensure that any financial professional has the proper credentials. Avoid any advisor who is little more than a broker, but calls himself a financial planner or advisor.

Many planners or advisors are only sellers of financial products. In fact, the term "financial planner" has been a much-abused term. A person can label him or herself as a financial planner, but not be a certified financial planner unless he or she has fulfilled the necessary credentials. Therefore, don't allow yourself to be impressed by the title on an advisor's business card until you understand what qualifications and certifications he or she actually has.

The decision about whether or not to seek advice can be critical. If you do choose to seek advice, carefully choose the right professional for the job and you should be on your way to a better financial plan. If you decide to go it alone, remember if at first you don't succeed, you can try again ... or call an advisor.


Friday, 23 December 2011

Wang kertas baru tahun depan...

Ini merupakan wang kertas bagi kegunaan seluruh rakyat Malaysia pada tahun depan...

Wang kertas ini boleh didapati pada tahun depan dan anda boleh menukar wang kertas lama dengan yang baru di bank-bank yang terlibat.

Do you think yuour friends Rich enough???

How to become RICH?
All of us know that we might not targeting on to become rich, but we want to be at least financial freedom and we want that no matter how much money that we spend, we never running out of it. Is that what we all want isn’t it? Spend a lot, and yet we still have tons of it. We all wish that it will be true, but back to the real world here, we ca not predict what will happen in thefuture. In that case, we need to save our money for the future.

Money not come easy and it take effort and full of commitment to gain it. Many of us work very hard in order to gain a lot ofcash for our saving and to spent according to our needs and also to satisfy ourselves. People usually try to act that they are rich but in reality they are not. For example, you see your friend just got a job as an engineer in one of the stable company and after just few months he manage to buy a BMW car with the latest version. What will your point of view by seeing that kind of things happen direct in front of your eyes? Sure you will e saying that “ Wow Zan, looks like you have becoming a millionaire huh? With great job and very cool car here…”.

Of course who ever that see Zan driving that car, for sure they will said that he is a rich guy. I don’t know about you but for me I don’t get too easy to be fooled by this kind of people showing that they are rich by wearing branded clothes and driving a fancycar

Let me explain what did I mean…

Take as a example of this situation, there are two friends here, Azeanand Farid. They both just graduated from university and to make it simple, both of them get offer in the same year for their first job. Azeanbecome an accountant and Faridis an engineer, and to make it simple again, both of them earn RM2500 each for their salary.

After 1 year working, each of them manage to save RM1000 per month and for a year they save for about RM12000 per person. Azeanhas decide to buy a new Toyota Vioswhich cause her RM85000 with down payment of RM10000 and monthly payment of RM800 for 9 years. How ever, Fariddo not want to spend his money to buy anything because for him motorbike should be okay for now. But, he take his RM10000 and invest into mutual fund that he confident with.

After one year, Azeanis still paying for his brand new car for RM800 per month. Fortunately, for Faridthe fund that he invested early is worth it when that fund announce the dividend or capital growth for about 15% for that one year. And you know what, this dividend keep on continue to benefit Faridfor 9 years. After 2 years, then only Faridbuy a second hand car which is cause him about RM20000 with down payment for RM5000 and monthly payment for RM400 and Azeanstart to save her money in the same mutual fund after the same 2 years with saving RM6000.

As you can see the table below:

Azeanlost after 9 years is RM17200 and Farislost RM9500 because of the monthly payment of their car. in the investment column , as you can see, Faridwhich is invest his early money RM10000 with the return of 15% for about 9 years that give him RM35k compare to Azeanthat invest only RM6000 where she can’t afford to invest more because of the commitment for her new car and as a return, she gain profit only RM20k. This is mean that Azeanlost about RM10k compare to Farid.
So who is rich in this case? As you can see both of them has a car, and don’t you forget no matter how new is your car, the depreciation of the car will cause you lost of value of the car each year. This is mean that, each year, your new car will has a reduce amount in price. If you buy the second hand car which is I think not so bad to drive, you will not feel so bad about the effect of the depreciation compare if you buy a newcar.
You see here, other materials will have their depreciation except if you are buying house or invest in real estate which is the price is keep increasing from year to year.

Both of them has a car, no matter what brand it is but it still a car. How ever, what make both of them different is that their saving. May be people will say that Azeanis a rich women by driving a new Toyota car, but the fact is, Faridis much more richer than Azeanwith having extra RM15 from Azeanin his saving.

So what I mean is, you don’t have to show off when you are still not afford to buy something that is luxurious and what is the point when you having a luxury car with small saving in your account compare to others which still has a car, but has a lot in their saving accounts. How ever, it is depends on how you see the situation here, if you are more into materialistic such as cars, branded clothing and going for an expensive holidays, than its your choice. For me I want to be like Faridwhere we invest or save first with what ever we have and after we have gain profit than its okay for us to spend a bit of the profit as a reward for our self.

So for people out there, think wisely and don’t follow your environment even though it is hard to avoid the trend but you have to try to do it, and once you have start it, then you will know how benefit it will be.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

UTC.. Unit Trust Consultant.. Perunding Unit Amanah.... Peluang Buat Duit...

Sebagai Perunding Unit Amanah anda berpotensi mendapat pendapatan yang lumayan

Kerjaya ini memberikan kita kehidupan yang lebih gembira, masa yang lebih flexible, kenalan yang ramai dan pendapatan yang sangat lumayan.


Kelayakkan untuk memohon
  1. Berumur 21 tahun ke atas
  2. Minimum kelayakkan Sijil SPM
  3. Diploma/ijazah dan bumiputra digalakkan memohon

Manfaat sebagai unit trust consultant
  1. Potensi pendapatan dan komisen yang tiada had
  2. Waktu kerja yang fleksibel
  3. Overriding pelaburan jualan kumpulan secara bulanan
  4. Carrier benefit bonus yang diterima setiap bulan
  5. Bonus setiap akhir tahun
  6. Bonus penyamaan pengkat-pangkat
  7. Pangiktirafan pencapaian
  8. Bonus trip melancong ke luar negara
  9. Pertumbuhan dari segi peribadi dan professional
  10. Memiliki rangkaian kenalan yang meluas
Tugas seorang Unit Trust consultant adalah:
  1. Mempromosikan Pelaburan Unit Trust
  2. Memberikan servis dan perkhidmatan yang baik kepada para pelabur dengan membantu memperkenalkan,memulakan pelaburan,menambah pelaburan dan memberi nasihat sewajarnya berhubung pelaburan mereka.
BERMINAT ?  email saya atau hubungi saya di talian 
016-4035 409

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Duit KWSP boleh dilaburkan dalam AS1M...Rebutlah peluang ini....

KUALA LUMPUR 3 Ogos - Para pencarum Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) kini berpeluang melabur dalam Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS1M) melalui Skim Pelaburan Ahli KWSP.

Difahamkan, caruman itu baharu sahaja dibenarkan oleh KWSP selepas mendapat kelulusan daripada pengawal selia kewangan.

Para pencarum boleh membuat pengeluaran daripada akaun simpanan satu untuk tujuan melanggan AS1M berdasarkan kelayakan masing-masing.

Laman web KWSP turut menyenaraikan AS1M dalam senarai dana-dana Skim Pelaburan Ahli KWSP.

AS1M menjadi dana keenam yang dibenarkan untuk pelaburan pencarum KWSP termasuk Amanah Saham Gemilang (pendidikan, persaraan dan kesihatan), Amanah Saham Didik, Amanah Saham Nasional 2, ASN 3 Imbang dan Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020.

Utusan Malaysia difahamkan dengan pendekatan langganan melalui Skim Pelaburan Ahli KWSP akan meningkatkan langganan AS1M yang diperuntukan kepada pelabur bumiputera, India dan lain-lain.

AS1M yang dilancarkan pada 31 Julai tahun lalu merupakan dana berharga tetap RM1 seunit dengan saiz 10 bilion unit dibuka penyertaannya kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

Ia adalah dana terbesar yang pernah ditawarkan oleh Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB).

Sebanyak 50 peratus dana itu diperuntukan untuk bumiputera, Cina (30 peratus), India (15 peratus) dan kaum-kaum lain (lima peratus).

Setakat ini, peruntukan kepada pelabur Cina sudah habis dilanggan.

Seperti yang tertera, size untuk AS1M adalah 10 billion! dan ia adalah yang terbesar pernah di tawarkan untuk rakyat Malaysia. Syarat-syarat untuk melanggan adalah,sebagai permulaan, minumum pelaburan adalah sebanyak 100 unit. Bermakna, anda memerlukan RM100 (1 unit = RM1) dan maximum pelaburan adalah berbeza mengikut umur pada ‘initial offer’. Bagi yang berumur 55 tahun ke bawah, anda hanya layak untuk 50,000 unit manakala bagi yang berumur 55 tahun ke atas adalah 100,000 unit.

Mengikut pengalaman yang lepas-lepas, (daripada akhbar-akhbar), kebanyakan unit amanah ini akan habis di jual dalam masa kurang 2-3 jam sahaja selepas pelancaran. Terutama apabila ada individu-individu membelinya dengan banyak as if mereka mahu duit bekerja untuk mereka. Dominasi ini lebih kepada kaum cina yang sedar akan peluang keemasan yang tidak harus di lepaskan seperti ini.

Bagi kaum-kaum seperti Melayu dan India, kebanyakan masih tidak menghargai peluang. Tidak mengapa, jika dulu kita tidak tahu, hari ini kita ada ilmu, usahakan untuk mendapatkannya, masih belum terlambat.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Wealth is what we all try to achieve .....

Wealth is what we all try to achieve in our life and to earn it, we need to do a lot of things and need efforts for someone to be wealthy enough. You are not going to be wealthy by sitting and thinking to be rich even though Donald Trump said that we need to think BIG. But it does not mean think big that we just sit and do nothing other than think, think and think again.

Just about 2 or 3 days back, I am reading the important factors that make people wealthy from , from that article, it said that two major factors in order for someone to become wealthy are habitual saving and sound investing.

Habitual saving. Make it habit, obviously from the word itself you can know. You need to learn saving since you were born and it also never too late for anyone to start saving. What you have to do is have your own determination or will power towards the saving habit. “Spend less from what you earn”, it is not as easy as being said. You need to have a strong eager towards it and try to control you devil sight of you from the insight of yourself. You will be facing a conflict between your mind and your inner voice many times in your life and this conflict will sometimes cause you to do mistake all the times. 

For example, you already set your mind that this month after cutting down all you expenses, you manage to save RM500, but with the persuasiveness of your environment such as you are attracted to the new i-Phone 4 or maybe new Nike shoe, plus it will become worse when the thing that you want is something that have limitation, something that always we call “limited edition”. At that time, this inner conflict will appear within yourself and at that time, you are the one who can make decision not others. 

The best thing to do is that, in whatever things that you do, try not to mix your emotion and your logic. People fail to act like as what I mentioned because it is hard to do so. Not all of us have that strength and we need something to keep on motivate our self. For me( just for sharing), in order to keep motivate myself, I always listen on about tips on how to make money or sometime listen to the talks given by Donald Trump or Mr.Buffet as this will motivate me towards my dream. 

Saving will make you become financial freedom more stable even though it is slow but with the compounding effect of 7% of dividend each year from ASB (for bumiputera) and for others investment (for non bumi), you will see the increases of your money as time pass. You can start by saving maybe 10% of your monthly income and then increase the amount according to your ability of saving per month.

Sound Investing. Take your money and put it into any company or buying fund, stocks and shares, make money work for you. With this method you will be free at any time and you do not have to work for someone else anymore. The only thing you can do is find a good place to invest and watch your cash grow from time to time, and your face will be smile all the time. People love to invest, but they just don’t know where to invest.

A lot of us here love to hear on rumours and ideas or suggestion from people. Why not we our self, try to study and get to know some places that we think is a good place for our money to be taking care of. Of course with a little bit advice from the experienced ones, but what I am trying to say here is, don’t rely too much on people until we don’t even care of what is happening. Try to get involve and know something because at the end of the day, no one will responsible for what happened to you. You are the one who will take the blame of what had happen. 

Investing also include by starting a good business, it doesn’t matter either it is a small or big business. But the effects are the same, either in business or investment, you might be facing the fact that you might lost some money. There are no 100% or always good returns in both deals. The only thing you need for business and investment is the right strategies. If you have and know how to ‘play’ with it, than you is the winner.

So, for people out there who have some tips, you are welcome to share it here.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Nine ways to avoid mistake in investment

People always make mistake no matter in what ever things that we do, we always commit mistake each time and each day in our life. All we have and need to do is learn from our own mistake and try to not repeat it again and again as what Einstein said " Doing the same thing again and again and again, and hoping that you get different results, we called it insane"

So for those out there who intend to do some investment, before you make any investment in any funds or stocks, please drop me an email to my email to subscribe and download file on "Nine ways to avoid mistakes in investment".

You know what?? Its absolutely free. what you have to just sent me an email as below:

Just type:

Phone number:
and type " i would like to subscribe for the "Nine ways to avoid mistakes in investment" that i hope will help me in investing at the right place"

That's all. Easy!! Wish you happy investing!!!

Millionaire lifestyle... it is not as what you imagine....

Why do people always and willing to spent their cash rather than to keep it to make it double and triple in teh future. Are you think by following the latest trend by buying the latest clothes and gadgets will make you become a millionaire? Maybe some of us will say to me "my your own business!!". But for me, if you keep doing this and the worse part when you start to make it as your habit, then you are not going to anywhere.

Just imagine your income RM2000 per month, you will spent like maybe about RM1000++, so maybe after minus all your expenses, you have about RM200 or RM300 to save for a month. If you save RM300 per month, annually you will get only RM3600 and if you continue for 25 years, you will earn about only RM90000. Is that enough for you if you keep spending like hell?

Stop being fool by media that shows a lot of fake things regarding people who is a millionaire. many people have wrong thinking about the life style of a rich people. Many of us like to get what we call a "short satisfaction" such as buying new phone and wearing the expensive branded clothes because they believe that rich people always have a luxury life style.

Many of us buying expensive things just to be satisfy and to show that they are coming from rich background of people and want their self to look stylish. Well you are wrong. Do you think that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and other millionaire in the world are born rich? NO! They work hard to be rich as that is the target in their life.

According to the research being done, almost every millionaire that we heard today have exactly the different lifestyle that we always imagine. People only know them after they have becoming a millionaire or some one rich, but before that, no one knows how is their life style and how they struggle in order to become rich.

The true millionaire that being born from the background of moderate family just like we all, they always be a simple guy even though now they are rich. They buying something expensive after they have becoming rich.
 Before they are rich, they struggle a lot by doing saving, create their own business and try to find out and do homework about investment that will beneficial them.

They are not born rich even though we believe that they are some of millionaire or rich people today are based on their family business and properties that being left for them. How ever, these properties will not long lasting if you can not manage it well.

So, for all of us out there. Don't get caught by the imaginary life style of being rich. You need to know people based on how he manage to get rich rather than to know how he spent his cash after being rich.